Money for Homeless

When you are first asked the question ‘should you give money to a homeless person on s street corner’ my natural response as a middle class compassionate human being is yes you should. There are a lot of people that say that you shouldn’t just give your money away to anyone who asks for it and these people have a lot of valid reasons to say this. There are a lot of people who beg that are really not homeless at all, they will just make more from begging than from working. Some of these people who are begging for food will just take the money that you give them and use it on drugs or alcohol (and the addiction to this may be the reason they are begging in the first place). Other people say that the money that you have is yours and you earned it so why give it away to someone who didn’t work at all for it. These are all good points and I agree with all of them to an extent but I still think that we should give our spare change to the homeless. First it is only a dollar most of the time, and if you really need the dollar don’t give it away, but if you are just going to use the money on something that you don’t need or just leave it in your wallet and forget about it isn’t it better to do something good with it. Yes I know that the person that you give the money to may be a drug addict or a drunk but a lot of the beggars are just people with a mental condition or a vet so isn’t it better to take that chance and waist one dollar to help out someone in need. Think if you were begging for food, wouldn’t you want someone to help you?

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