Political ad

In the past few weeks there have been a lot of campaign ads from potential presidential candidates. Having seen these ads it is quite easy to see how the candidates of both parties use and abuse the persuasive tools ethos, pathos,and logos. In searching through the democrats websites there were many examples of [...]

Free Topic: Tuition Increase

Today in the Oracle on the front page there was an article that caught my eye almost instantly. The story was about how the price of tuition was going to go up by eight percent in the next semester. This was something that I immediately took interest in because I will be in [...]

Assignment #2

Part 1
1.)Ethos- the establishment of authority in your argument, but also an open mindedness to the opposite sides opinion.
Pathos- the use of emotion in an argument that persuades the audience to pay attention to what you are saying.
Logos- the use of logic in your argument, often paired with one of the other persuasive elements.
2.)A couple [...]

Part 1
A claim is the bases or the side that you take in an argument.
Support is the information that that author gives that persuades the audience to choose the side that he/she is arguing.
Evidence is facts that will help prove that your particular claim is a correct one.
Explanation is the way that the author explains [...]

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