Political ad

In the past few weeks there have been a lot of campaign ads from potential presidential candidates. Having seen these ads it is quite easy to see how the candidates of both parties use and abuse the persuasive tools ethos, pathos,and logos. In searching through the democrats websites there were many examples of campaign commercials in which the candidates try to get to viewer to not only respect their opinions but also to have the viewers sympathize with the candidates point of view. The two ads that I picked were from Clinton and Edwards. In both of the ads the candidates try to establish ethos but both in different ways. Edwards tries to make the listener listen to him by saying that he approves his commercial which I think is quite ineffective. Hillary on the other hand says that if she is elected then she will bring her 35 years of experience to the white house. Both of the commercials also use logos and ethos together in a very effective fashion. The way that they do this is by focusing on a certain group of people that they want to effect with the commercial and use this to their advantage. The groups of people that both of the potential candidates go for are not the same but could overlap in some cases. Edwards tries to appeal to the middle class people by saying that they have lost their voice and he will help them get it back, which is effective because many think that no one is listening to them. Hillary focuses on everyone but more tries to appeal to groups of people who have been hurt by the poor economy. This is also effective because many have lost a lot of money in the economy and want that to change.

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