Shattered Glass

At the beginning of this movie I kind of feel that Stephen Glass is an accomplished writer that is quite modest of the things that he has done. The way that his co workers react to him also makes it seem that he is sort of the most respected writer out of the other writers. The other writers seem to like Glass and he jokes around with them a lot but he never seems too sincere with anything that he says. When he first brings up the Hacker article he makes it seem like a funny story and also a big story but then when his co workers praise him for it he says that he may not even do the story and he gets all modest. I wouldn’t hang out with Glass just because he never seems sincere and I don’t really like that in a person. The ethical dilemma that Glass faces is whether or not it is okay to fabricate an entire story and write it in a magazine. Glass made the choice to make up the stories and then when confronted about the fact that they were fake, he tried to lie to get out of it. I think that what Glass did was wrong but the worst part of it was that he lied to try to cover it up when he could have just told the truth and I would have been okay with it. Chuck also has some hard choices in font of him in the movie. At first he wants to protect his young writer because Glass made a mistake and Chuck didn’t want to ruin his career. On the other hand he wanted Glass to tell him the truth and Glass just kept lying to him. Glass uses a lot of emotional appeal in the way that he presents himself, he is authoritative so that people will respect him but at the same time he is modest and always seeking approval so he doesn’t come odd as pompous.

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