Free topic: Supper bowl

Right now there is a lot of talk about the super bowl and for good reason it is only a couple days away. While I am a huge fan of football and having said that I watch almost every college and pro games that are on television on the weekends, I am not really that excited for this game. The reason that I don’t really want to see the game are because I don’t really like either of the teams in the big game. On one side we have the Giants who I have never really liked but also never really hated. I just don’t like anyone on the Giants team, the only player that I did like, Tiki Barber, retired and now they are just a team of players that I couldn’t care less about. On the other hand we have the Patriots who have won something like three of the last five super bowls, I despise the Patriots. I didn’t really like the patriots when they started to get good about six years ago and now that they have been dominating for six years I really don’t like them. This year has been the worst of the Patriots dynasty for me though because they have a chance to be the second team to go undefeated for a whole season. Having said all of this I really think that the Patriots will win the game and everyone will be talking about them going undefeated. The thing that no one will talk about is how in the first game of the season they were caught cheating read handed and all they got is a million dollar fine. If I get caught cheating then I would be kicked out of college but the patriots get caught and they don’t even have to forfeit the game. Since I was young I was brought up if you cheat then you lose but I guess that is not the case if you are a professional team.

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