Paper 2 topic

I have to write about what I am going to do for topic two but right now I really am not exactly sure. Out o the three possible topics that have been provided to pick out of I was more leaning towards doing a movie. The reason for this is because I really don’t like having to look for sources to support my topic. I mean, I don’t really mind finding one or two but four just takes too much of my time and it doesn’t make sense for me to do that. That is a big reason for me picking a movie but the biggest reason for me to do it is because I really like movies and I think that it will provide an interesting argument. Anyways that is why I picked to do a movie. Then I had to look for a movie to use for my argument. While we were scrolling through the choices of movies I saw one that caught my eye, Blade Runner. The reason that I first thought of this movie was my room mate just got the movie on DVD and I really wanted to see it. I haven’t seen it yet but I asked him and he said that it was a good movie and I should watch it. He also said that it had a pretty good ethical issue in it and that I would be able to write a good paper about the ethics in the movie. Because of his shining recommendation I decided to use that movie for my paper.

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