Free post: Family trip

My family goes on vacation every summer and then they try to go at least one other time a year. Because of the many times that we have been on vacation we have a lot of bad stories and adventures that have occurred. One of there is from a vacation up the east coast while we were heading towards Niagara falls. On this particular trip we had two of these bad stories that will always stick in our minds. The first of these happened one night when we were at the falls. We looked at the falls all day and went down into them but we didn’t have any any place to stay that night. There are many big hotels around there so we decided to call some of the hotels to see the prices. We called the Days Inn and they said that they had rooms for 298 a night. My dad said that we were looking for something a little cheaper and they offered us a room for 289. This was way too much so we decided to look for a place to camp, but the only places to camp around there in Canada, so we crossed the border and spent hours looking for a spot to put up our tent. We found one and in the morning realized we were the only tent there and it was like in a shipping yard. The second bad thing that happened was we lost our credit card and were out of cash and my mom being the cheap person that she is wouldn’t shell out to get money out of an atm that wasn’t a bank of America one, so we didn’t eat for two days.

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