Paper 2 topic

I have to write about what I am going to do for topic two but right now I really am not exactly sure. Out o the three possible topics that have been provided to pick out of I was more leaning towards doing a movie. The reason for this is because I really [...]

Free topic: Politics

Right now the presidential race is heating up and in both parties there are pretty much two front runners that the primary’s will come down to. First for the democrats the two candidates that are still in it are Obama and Clinton. I don’t really like either of them but I really don’t [...]

Free post: Family trip

My family goes on vacation every summer and then they try to go at least one other time a year. Because of the many times that we have been on vacation we have a lot of bad stories and adventures that have occurred. One of there is from a vacation up the east [...]

Free topic: Same sex marrage

When the topic of same sex marriage comes up in school or in my household, I am always in a conundrum with how to feel about it. On the one hand I have always been raised that everyone should be treated as an equal for this reason I see no real reason that I [...]

Current topic: Immigration

The topic of immigration has been a huge topic, one of the biggest, in politics over the last couple of years. I don’t really know what the problem immigration is, especially if it is legally done. If it is legal immigration there is really little down side to it. This country was [...]

Free topic: Supper bowl

Right now there is a lot of talk about the super bowl and for good reason it is only a couple days away. While I am a huge fan of football and having said that I watch almost every college and pro games that are on television on the weekends, I am not really [...]

Money for Homeless

When you are first asked the question ‘should you give money to a homeless person on s street corner’ my natural response as a middle class compassionate human being is yes you should. There are a lot of people that say that you shouldn’t just give your money away to anyone who asks [...]